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Himalayan salt cave spa-Natural therapy for

Respiratory tract & Lungs

Salt Cave Spa - your profitable business

Himalayan salt cave spa is gaining the importance in daily life. Following are the main reason to get started for Salt Therapy Business now

  • Untapped market so far.
  • No competition in market.
  • No special certification or license needed to establish it.
  • Rapidly getting ROI.
  • Low maintenece cost.
  • Easily get awareness.
  • Minimal investment & startup cost.

Salt Halo Therapy is breathing in salty air much like walking along the beach when the surf is roughed up and you breathe in the salt air. The Himalayan Salt contains Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt which is over 250 million years old, pure and untouched by today’s pollutants.

How does the Salt Cave work?

The Salt Cave uses a Halo Generator to reproduce and monitor the therapeutic micro-climate of natural Salt Caves. The micro salt particles coming from the medical device is sterile, negatively ionised and saturated with a low concentration of highly dispersed, pharmaceutical grade Salt. Visitors can simply relax in the pleasant ambient atmosphere of the Salt Cave with Himalayan Salt covering the floor and walls. Relax and breathe in the regulated salt which is transported to every part of the respiratory tract; even the smallest bronchioles and alveoli which dissolves and attracts the small, positively charged impurities, which are subsequently able to be either coughed up, or which leave the body during metabolic processes via the bloodstream.
Salt Cave Therapy is safe for all ages.

Benefits of Himalayan salt cave spa

Clinical Trials and many clients/patients reviews have shown that Halo therapy may help with-

    • To clear mucous from the airways thus removing airflow obstruction
    • To enhance the mucous clearance mechanism in both asthmatic and healthy subjects
    • To maintain clear airways
    • To provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects in the whole respiratory tract
    • To reduce bronchial sensitization and improve lung function
    • To help clear unwanted inhaled particles from respiratory tract
    • As a drug-free treatment for asthma, bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and sinusitis
    • Stress Relief
    • Promotes Athletic Endurance

Simply, Salt Therapy is breathing in salty air for therapeutic reasons. It is a common, natural treatment in eastern and central Europe, and has been around for Centuries. Salt Therapy is based on the principle that exposure to the micro climate inside a natural salt mine/cave can play an important role in the relief of many health problems after a noticeable change in the health in Salt Mine workers who are known to be some of the healthiest people.

What results can clients expect?

Since 1940, many doctors have acknowledge that thousands of patients have been successfully treated by Halotherap/Speleotherapy (treatment in natural Salt Caves) in Canada, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria and Germany. After receiving these treatments, patients’ breathing became much easier, lung function and symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath vastly improved, while prescription drug use decreased significantly. Clients can expect to experience positive results in as few as 4-20 days, all depending on their condition.

Open Letter To Spa Owners

Dear Spa Owner

What an exciting year so far!  A year to develop new and unique services.  A year to drive business to your physical location(s).  We want to help!  The Black Tai Salt Co. is dedicated to our new and existing clients in that we invest countless dollars and man-hours sourcing the best quality products, and creating innovative uses for them.

BUILD A SALT SAUNA.  Imagine spending the day relaxing on a quiet and peaceful beach with the calm sea breeze blowing over your skin and the fresh salty sea air filing your lungs. For years, salt therapy has been a staple in spas around the world.  Spa experts have consulted countless specialists, including The Black Tai Salt Company, to help resorts find their voice when it comes to salt therapy.  Local spas to the most luxurious hotels and resorts have been re-configuring their traditional spa facilities to offer Black Tai Salt Co. Himalayan Salt Therapy to their guests.

WORRIED ABOUT SPACE? You do not need a lot of space – a small 4’x4′ room will work!  You can even convert a closet into your own single unit salt room.  To maximize your return on investment, we recommend a room large enough for the space of 4 massage tables.

DON’T HAVE THE BUDGET? As one of the largest Himalayan Salt companies in the USA, we are able to offer unique payment solutions to help our clients get started and gain a competitive edge!  Even better, approval is guaranteed and the process is quick and easy.  Of course, we reward those that pay us in advance with an additional savings, but help those that need time to pay in installments.

NOT SURE WHERE TO START?  We are available to assist you, help you plan and suggest the proper size and shape of salt bricks and flooring salt to use for maximum efficiency.





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